Welcome to the SMART SourceSM Solar PV Program

The SMART Source Solar PV Program is designed to help customers of AEP Texas Central Company (AEP TCC) and AEP Texas North Company (AEP TNC) meet a portion of their energy needs with solar electric systems. The Program offers financial incentives that help offset the initial cost of installing a solar energy system. By installing solar on your home or business, you can generate a portion of your own electricity and help the environment.

Program Year 2015 Incentives Available Starting January 7, 2015

Update 9/4/2015: The 2015 program guidebook and forms are posted, and we are accepting applications. Check the Current Program Status page for the latest on program budgets and commitments.

All service providers must register to participate in the 2015 program,even if they have previously been registered. Use the Service Provider Information Form (SPIF) to register.

In Program Year 2015, the total amount of incentive funding and its allocation to customer classes is shown below:

$360,000 total
$180,000 residential
$180,000 non-residential
$162,900 total
$90,000 residential
$72,900 non-residential

Incentive levels for Program year 2015 are as follows (all are in $/watt dc-stc):

Residential: $1.05/watt
Other: $1.00/watt
Residential: $1.05/watt
Other: $1.00/watt

Bonus incentive for early completion. In addition to these base incentives, a bonus incentive of $0.10/watt-dc will be paid to projects that are completed (a complete Final Application Form and all required documentation is submitted) on or before June 30, 2015.

Other limits apply; see the program guidebook for additional details.